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11-11-11! Never again for a milennia a full row!
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....yeeeeeeeeah, LJing is going to have to wait until the Note of Doom is in a more complete state. >_<

Does anyone want to talk to me regardless? AIM? LJ? Anything? Caveat of "I may have to run at any moment because I have an alert system set up whenever I get more research info on my note"...
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I have survived EIP! Approx. 20 interviews in 4 days - done! I have callbacks. x___x Don't expect to see all that much of me. Not that you do, really...

I may post some art in the few minutes I have between interviews, panicking about interviews, law review work, and hiding under my bed. Don't count on it, though...
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Tomorrow, the interview frenzy begins. Expect a report after I have recovered (provided I survive, of course! : D)
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So, I'm in Law Review. It's been going well (actually, I keep finishing way before everyone else which either means I'm seriously missing something or I just keep getting absurdly easy sections. *paranoia*) It keeps me busy, though, which is...good? I keep worrying about next year, because I'll have all of my clubs (law school and not), my classes, Law Review work, a Note to write, the class I'm TA'ing...*shudder*

In other news, EIP is next week. 6-8 interviews a day for 4 days, not counting times when you're running around trying to make a good impression on people. >_< I'll let you know if I survive.

There is more art coming out. Mostly silly stuff I made for family members, really, but still...stuff. I basically just need a secretary to POST it all for me, I keep making the art but never showing it to anyone. -_- I fail at internet/blogging/etc.

Apologies if I haven't made comments on people's posts recently?
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Happy Bastille Day, everyone!

Have a fun twisting-the-universe Committee of Public Safety picture!

Technological Advances of the CSP )
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So, finally got my grades, yay! : ) And prizes! With money! *very proud - this is the first time I've ever won anything tangible for academic scholarship*

The report: A- in Criminal Law, A- in Constitutional Law, A in Intellectual Property and A+ in Property; also High Pass in Legal Writing and Pass in the Moot Court. Due to the grades I got classified as a Kent Scholar (a percentage of the class, I suspect) and won something called the Charles Bathgate Beck Prize for property (that's the one with money!)

I also got on my school's Law Review, which is awesome. Lots of work, but it'll be awesome. ^__^

Other than that, work is ongoing and nothing interesting has come up. Am debating whether to post my latest French Rev image, or wait until I have more to post. Would also like to discuss drawing ideas with someone...anyone free? Interested?
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Still no last grade. ;_________________; They have to be in by next Monday (I think) and - as ever - the last few days of waiting are so much worse than the month or two before them...
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*crawl back* Yeah, posting has gone from "rare" to "more or less nonexistant" and I don't even have law school to blame this time. Just two legal internship jobs, sigh. I'm not going to say that I intend to post more, because I have said that before, but I'll post when stuff happens.

I have almost, but not all of my grades back; I'll post them (and squee about them - some were very good!) when I have them all and not a minute before. ^^; However! I did well enough that I got an offer to TA in one of my classes next year! *cheer* I haven't accepted yet, but I probably will - TAing! Awesomeness! (For those that are unaware of my hazy career plan atm, it's to sneak into academia via law school, so hopefully this will give me an idea of if that plan is actually worth doing :D!!! )

My two jobs (yes, I have two. Both are technically full-time, which obviously means I'm doing them both part-time. No, I'm not getting paid for either. Yes, I am crazy and doing this because they both sounded so interesting that I couldn't just pick one.) are going pretty well - I'm reading more books on human trafficking than I probably ever wanted to, and researching all sorts of weird, varied things (though not nearly enough of it is actually law-related, alas), so if anyone wants to know about 1, child sex exploitation/human trafficking/modern day slavery or 2, violations of international law by terrorist organizations, just ask. Not that most of my f-list (if you're even reading this) wants to know about that, as it is Very Depressing.

Am looking forward to finally having some time to do non-school/work related stuff - probably when the EIP sign-up in July finish up. Plans thus far: art (new FR picture, coming soon, just need to fiddle with some minor details), historical costuming (mwahahaha), and working on the French Rev website that I'm working on with citoyenneclark. I will be recruiting people for this. ^___^

That's all for now. More soon.
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FINALLY! [ profile] josiana - happy extremely belated birthday/random gift day!

It's a set of images of the Les Mis Barricade Boys (and a few others) fighting the zombie attacks of doom.

Warning: Lots of images, loooooong upload time for slow connections

Zombie v LM: Enjolras Grantaire )

Courfeyrac )

Gavroche Triumphant )

Jehan Gets Some Help )

Joly and Bossuet )

Enjolras )

Gavroche and Marius )

Muschietta )

Marius and Cosette )

Jehan 2 )

Muschietta the Hero )

Combeferre, Doctor )

Gavroche and his Momes )

Enjolras, with Gun )

Hope everyone enjoyed! If you can't see the images here for whatever reason, or want to see them one by one, here they are:
Enjolras Grantaire -
Courfeyrac -
Gavroche Triumphant -
Jehan Gets Some Help -
Joly and Bossuet -
Enjolras -
Gavroche and Marius -
Muschietta -
Marius and Cosette -
Jehan 2 -
Muschietta, the Hero -
Combeferre, Doctor -
Gavroche and His Momes -
Enjolras, with Gun -

It's really hard for me to see comments there, though, so if possible leave comments here. And please comment! : D
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No, really, I'm alive, I swear. I know I keep saying it, but I actually am. There's just been nothing to report - law school has been law school!

Last week I finally finished my moot court national competition and we got 3rd best brief, which is awesome!

More importantly, you will finally see the return of ART to this page. Specifically,[ profile] josiana, I'm almost done with your "Les Mis Barricade Boys Fighting Zombies" pictures. There's a baker's dozen of them - I'm working on the last one, #13, now, so expect to see zombies soon. : )
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A friend knitted me a phyrgian cap for Hannukah! From scratch and without a pattern! It is awesome and amazing, and of course usable both for French Rev geekery and smurf impersonations. :D!

In other news I have final tomorrow. ;____; But I am prepared...I think...there will be more posting after finals are over, though..? I will try my best. ^^
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All good resolutions of uploading images are sadly out the window. I mean, I knew November would be a tough month but wow, it's really absurd. Everything has exploded at once - I'm expected to be ready to apply for summer jobs by Dec 1 (write resume, pick jobs to apply to, meet with counselors, etc.), have outlines and study guides for all my classes for Dec 10 finals, create study guides to compare with people I've agreed to swamp guides for (but mine aren't made yet, of course), research and work on my NALSA moot court brief (due Jan 10), keep up with current reading/work in class, work on school club activities which I signed up for in the halycon days of early August, read submissions for the journal I'm on (this Tuesday was a nice short week - only 160 pages!), and - of course - I have also been advised to try to fit into this some time for "non law school" stuff lest I get short: I am swamped, swamped, well-nigh flooded with work.

...luckily the work is fun?

So, er, yes. This journal may be an even MORE dead place than normal the next few weeks, unless I start using LJ to procrastinate (which I so am right now, but I've been working since 5PM so I think I deserve the break!)

How has everyone else been doing? Anything fun? Are there any good movies coming out that I've been too underwater to see? Good books...?
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I haven't died! I've just forgotten to post here. >________>

Er. Les Mis fans should listen to this song: (*is to tired to link*) It's a song called "Ecoutez les Gavroches" and is...cute. If depressing. It's a song about Gavroches. Plural Gavroche. It's going to be at least a little heart-tugging.

Other than that, law school is going well. Got over the first test, am starting to get very busy with extracurricular stuff, still have no friends (as opposed to acquaintances, of which I have plenty)...nothing new.

Am starting to worry that everyone around me is secretly doing a lot more work than I think they are. Am currently dismissing this as paranoia. Suspicion grows nevertheless.

I should start posting silly stories from class or something. Something to put on this lone, forgotten journal.

(as soon as I have time, there will be art. Lots of art. Ranging from sketches to high-tech pieces of art. Some colored, some not; some random, some absolutely bizare; some old, some new. You can see how my art has deteriorated for lack of practice. All will be posted when there is time. Time, however, is an increasingly scarce commodity...)
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*crawls out of hole of jetlag, travel-illness, and lack of approrpriate internet connection*

*may even actually be posting and responding to comments again, yay!*
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No one will care about this, but:

HAH! The US completely beat England today! Yes, it was 1-1, but given that England came in thinking it would breeze through and the US came in knees a-quaking, it's a US win. England made a quick goal in the 4th min (seriously, US, really?), but after that the US started waking up. As the game progressed, they got better and better at being where the ball was and at keeping England from their goal.

England will go down in history for the goal that happened at 40 min. The US player may have kicked the ball towards the goal, but the sheer incompetence of the goalie is what made it a score. It was IN HIS ARMS and it bounced out again. Just...ouch.

After that, England got vicious and even more aggressive than before - which is difficult, because boy, were they aggressive to start with. But they managed it. Unfortunately, coupled with some good saves by the US team (mostly last-ditch effort saves, but hey, they worked) and an increasing English inability to handle the ball properly, in the second half (while mostly in England's offense) it was the US's attempts that were dangerous and actually looked like they'd work. So yeah, US win. It's all about expectations. : )

Best of all, I made a bet with my dad that it would be 1-1 and I won. Go me!

...and yes, to those who didn't know, I am obsessively, if unskillfully, watching the World Cup. Even while on vacation. Even though I have to watch it with German commentators (I"m in Munich) instead of English ones...actually, given the quality of US sports announcers, that might not be so bad...
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Hello, all!

I know I haven't posted in ages (yeah, no surprise), but I've been abroad. ^^ It's been quite nice thus far - 9 days in Paris, running around to see all the sites; and now we're in part 2 of the trip, the geeky driving around north France to see a bunch of sites - on that note: gothic cathedrals are pretty, the person at the maison Robespierre is a bitch, Blerancourt is in the middle of freaking NOWHERE and at any rate everything is closed but the people are extremely sweet, and we've named our GPS "Camille", because, like it's namesake, it's dumb, generally means well, and occasionally manages to screw everyone over.

In a day or two, we'll be headed down to Monaco, where hopefully the person lending us the house will, indeed, do so (there's been some issues with the keys...) But still, : D! Anyone know what there is to do down at the French Riviera except go to the beach? Anything that isn't going to bankrupt us, anyway?

More reports as they come, but it's nice having internet again after the room-without-connection in Paris. ^^
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My baccalaureate ceremony was today. That's the part of the graduation that you go up and shake people's hands as your name is called out; tomorrow is commencement, where you toss your hat up. As I understand it. In both you listen to lots of extremely long speeches.

Today was absurdly long, and mostly boring, though somehow very strange, between the "son of pigeon breeder" speech, the useless lecture on Confucius, and the "Both Kim Jong Il and Justin Bieber are morons - don't emulate either" speech - none of which were as good as they sound. And then they called up over 1,500 students by name. It took forever. My parents got so bored they started counting up how many people were in the program, how many were summa cum laude, how many were magna cum laude (I was one), and how many were cum laude, and then trying to figure out if it was determined by GPA or percentile. I mostly read news websites on my Blackberry.

Tomorrow, I graduate. Eeep. >_
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Last final finished! It went well, I hope - about 7/8 of it I'm pretty okay on, and the last 1/8 was just horrible (it was the one subject I didn't want it to be on); but right now I'm just happy it's over.

Will be posting more things when possible - right now I'm at home to celebrate my sister's birthday (god, too many May birthdays! The soon-to-be-9-year-old sister whose b-day is on May 14 had her party May 2; the soon-to-be-18-year-old whose b-day is on May 26 is having her party tomorrow, my grandmother who came to my graduation has her b-day on May 12, which is the date of my graduation...)

I have a graduation to plan for and attend, requiste family/friend celebrations to work out, a trip starting on May 14th that hasn't been fully booked yet, and I'm dead on two feet from exhaustion. And I'm babysitting tonight.


Good luck to everyone still in finals, sorry I missed your birthday Maxime (I had a test. I'm sure you understand the need to stay up until the last final second reviewing your notes over and over again.), and I'll be back on a more regular basis soon.

But enough personal stuff. One thing I do want to post on is the news, two things in particular.This undoubtably interests no one but me. )

...I knew my news-obsessed tendencies would get on here sometime. Maybe I should start a new blog just for news-reports and stop bothering those who don't care with it...
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Hey, all! I've sort of been buried in a ton of work (those of you who have had the misfortune of hearing me rant about the hypothetical understand) and, well, finals are next week, so I'll still be busy until at least next Friday. I'll try to get the last few batches of Tarot cards up, though, 'cause I want them done with. Hopefully there'll be a set up later today.

However, MORE IMPORTANTLY, I need help!

I'm heading off to France in a few weeks - Paris for a few weeks, then a break-neck tour around some smaller towns (Arras, Blerancourt, Strausborg, you know the drill), then a week or so down in Monaco (which normally I would avoid due to price, but someone very kind has offered to lend me lodging, so I'm going. ^^)

I need advice on where to go and what to do/see - I know a bunch of people here are either francophiles, FR geeks, live in and/or have been to France recently, or a combination of the above. So - help! Anyone have any links to online tour guides (of the French Revolution, Les Miserables, historical geekery, etc. variety)? Suggestions of places to go? Books I should look at? Does anyone have a list of the current locations of the major FR historical sites (Robespierre's house, etc.)? I'm generally interested in historical or fandomish sites, good places to eat, and other stuff to do.

Any advice at all, even the obvious, is extremely welcome! I got nothing, really. ^^

I've sort of left specific planning to the last minute, so, um, help! (I'll be cross-posting part of this to [ profile] revolution_fr, so sorry if you see it twice. Feel free to reply in either!)

(Less related: if you know anything about Switzerland, Germany (Berlin and Munich), Prague or Vienna, it would also be useful - I'm hoping to hit a city on my way out from Paris, and need advice for those places as well)


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