Jun. 12th, 2010

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No one will care about this, but:

HAH! The US completely beat England today! Yes, it was 1-1, but given that England came in thinking it would breeze through and the US came in knees a-quaking, it's a US win. England made a quick goal in the 4th min (seriously, US, really?), but after that the US started waking up. As the game progressed, they got better and better at being where the ball was and at keeping England from their goal.

England will go down in history for the goal that happened at 40 min. The US player may have kicked the ball towards the goal, but the sheer incompetence of the goalie is what made it a score. It was IN HIS ARMS and it bounced out again. Just...ouch.

After that, England got vicious and even more aggressive than before - which is difficult, because boy, were they aggressive to start with. But they managed it. Unfortunately, coupled with some good saves by the US team (mostly last-ditch effort saves, but hey, they worked) and an increasing English inability to handle the ball properly, in the second half (while mostly in England's offense) it was the US's attempts that were dangerous and actually looked like they'd work. So yeah, US win. It's all about expectations. : )

Best of all, I made a bet with my dad that it would be 1-1 and I won. Go me!

...and yes, to those who didn't know, I am obsessively, if unskillfully, watching the World Cup. Even while on vacation. Even though I have to watch it with German commentators (I"m in Munich) instead of English ones...actually, given the quality of US sports announcers, that might not be so bad...


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