Apr. 27th, 2010

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Hey, all! I've sort of been buried in a ton of work (those of you who have had the misfortune of hearing me rant about the hypothetical understand) and, well, finals are next week, so I'll still be busy until at least next Friday. I'll try to get the last few batches of Tarot cards up, though, 'cause I want them done with. Hopefully there'll be a set up later today.

However, MORE IMPORTANTLY, I need help!

I'm heading off to France in a few weeks - Paris for a few weeks, then a break-neck tour around some smaller towns (Arras, Blerancourt, Strausborg, you know the drill), then a week or so down in Monaco (which normally I would avoid due to price, but someone very kind has offered to lend me lodging, so I'm going. ^^)

I need advice on where to go and what to do/see - I know a bunch of people here are either francophiles, FR geeks, live in and/or have been to France recently, or a combination of the above. So - help! Anyone have any links to online tour guides (of the French Revolution, Les Miserables, historical geekery, etc. variety)? Suggestions of places to go? Books I should look at? Does anyone have a list of the current locations of the major FR historical sites (Robespierre's house, etc.)? I'm generally interested in historical or fandomish sites, good places to eat, and other stuff to do.

Any advice at all, even the obvious, is extremely welcome! I got nothing, really. ^^

I've sort of left specific planning to the last minute, so, um, help! (I'll be cross-posting part of this to [livejournal.com profile] revolution_fr, so sorry if you see it twice. Feel free to reply in either!)

(Less related: if you know anything about Switzerland, Germany (Berlin and Munich), Prague or Vienna, it would also be useful - I'm hoping to hit a city on my way out from Paris, and need advice for those places as well)


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