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As usual, I'm procrastinating. And what does one do when procrastinating? In this case, write more vampire porn for the VC kink meme.

Posting here as usual.

For the entry "Lestat/Daniel, what happens AFTER the movie (Interview with a Vampire)."

Warnings: This is movie-verse, as per the request. I did not use book!Daniel, I used movie!Daniel. I used movie!Lestat. I used movie!chronology. Please keep this in mind while reading; you'll probably understand it better...also, this is NSFW. Please keep this in mind.

Fic: 'Guessing Games' )
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Well, one midterm done; another to go tomorrow. Also one essay finished, handed in; abstract still to go. >_>

However, in classic form, I'm procrastinating. [ profile] maelicia linked me to a Vampire Chronicles anonymous kink meme (found here), and I wanted to answer a request. But I thought that the resulting fic was rather adorable (if probably grossly out of character, I haven't read the book in ages!), so I want to post it here as well. Yes, I know, it defeats the PURPOSE, but I like it! It's cute! And besides, not everyone might be reading the anonymous meme.

Even though it's a kink meme, it's no more than PG-13. Ah, well.

For the request:

Lestat and Louis have some extreme vampire cuddling with nibbling. In the coffin.

For those who like silly VC fic )
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Huh, I don't usually post twice so quickly, particularly not when I really want a response to my previous post. (Which I do, really! It's a serious question which needs to be resolved soon! -_-;;)

But I was poking around the Les Mis fandom again, and I kept running up against what I mentally refer to as "the Joly problem".

He seems like a perfectly nice character in most respects (keeping in mind that the majority of my interaction with him is via fandom, as I'm still trudging my slow way through the book...) but there's one sticking point that I can't get over.

In short: Joly is a hypochondriac.

I have nothing against hypochondriacs, of course! The problem is precisely the opposite: I am a hypochondriac. Seriously, not humorously. And therein lies the problem. In fic, if not in canon itself, it is generally customary to play Joly's hyphochondria off as a joke. I don't mind this when done in moderation; I find it absolutely hilarious!

He has a terribly cute personality to go with it, too, which makes it even more amusing. But I haven't seen any really good fics that treat it seriously, even the ones that supposedly deal with him as a main character.

I usually say that I will not write Joly fic at all, more because I don't like writing fic until I've read the source work than any other reason but also because it would simply be too depressing for me, but I was feeling combative today.

Also, the alternative is studying, so tada! We have fic. Very short fic from Joly's POV about his hypochondria. I might be completely off on this, of course, and Joly might be completely out of character - I really hate writing characters that I haven't read the whole thing, damnit! - but I felt like posting it anyway. It's more my way of venting than anything else. ^___^ Yay for catharsis!

Apologies to all. Keeping in mind that I wrote this in about 5 minutes and am putting it up without editing or more thought than that, any thoughts?

Title: Hypochondria (Isn't Fun)
Characters: Joly
Rating: G
Summary: Joly thinks about illness.

Hypochondria (Isn't Fun) )
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In important news, I'm going to be attending NYU next year. ^__^ Yay, me.

In less important, but more pertinent, my throat hurts like all hell. It's the annoying sort of hurt - the kind where your throat feels dry and scratchy and like all it needs is a little bit of water, but no matter how much water you drink, it doesn't stop feeling like that...

I hope it goes away soon. AP tests are next week, one of which is Calculus, which I am not that good at. ;___; On one hand, I'm in college, so what do I care? On the other, I'm a perfectionist and the mere thought of not preparing - and therefore failing to excel at - a test like that is making me twitch.

Though that could be the whole being sick thing doing that.

Next, I have written a little something. It's dedicated to Starpiper, and based in Purgatory (which you may or may not remember is the subreality club - aka, a mix of all the fandoms I like all in one place - which I have). She's making me a Jet/Sapphire piece, for that meme, yay. Mind, everyone else can - and should! - read this, too. Try to guess what fandom everyone's from.

It started as a drabble and became, er, not. But - and I'm quite proud of this - these are ALL 100 words pieces! Go me! ^__^

Typical blasphemy warnings/disclaimers apply.

Genesis )

Please comment. ^^
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Y'know, I don't think I ever posted this little story. It was very random, and is rather old by this point, but I still like it. Someone tell me if I've posted this here before...and even if you don't know, post a response anyway. Tell me if it's still good, or if it's just me.

It's an original story, so no fandom.

Title: Godkiller
by Rider Riddle

Story Here )

Sooooo...what do you think? Like, dislike? This is a rather old story, after all...tell me what you think.
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This is all [ profile] cygna_hime's fault. She goes and writes Hades/Persephone fic, my muse immediately must match her. (okay, it was a drabble and mine is most emphatically not, although it is quite short).

This particular ficlet is a result of a interesting little tidbit of trivia I've been wanting to put into story form for quite a while.

Untitled Hades/Persephone ficlet
Rating: PG, implication I suppose. One curse, but what with the vocab of kids these days...
Warning: chattyafterglowy!Persephone

Story Here )

^___^ Ah, obscure mythology trivia! My one true, excepting my dear, if evilly inspiring, fiancee, of course. *grins*


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