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Happy Bastille Day, everyone!

Have a fun twisting-the-universe Committee of Public Safety picture!

Technological Advances of the CSP )
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FINALLY! [ profile] josiana - happy extremely belated birthday/random gift day!

It's a set of images of the Les Mis Barricade Boys (and a few others) fighting the zombie attacks of doom.

Warning: Lots of images, loooooong upload time for slow connections

Zombie v LM: Enjolras Grantaire )

Courfeyrac )

Gavroche Triumphant )

Jehan Gets Some Help )

Joly and Bossuet )

Enjolras )

Gavroche and Marius )

Muschietta )

Marius and Cosette )

Jehan 2 )

Muschietta the Hero )

Combeferre, Doctor )

Gavroche and his Momes )

Enjolras, with Gun )

Hope everyone enjoyed! If you can't see the images here for whatever reason, or want to see them one by one, here they are:
Enjolras Grantaire -
Courfeyrac -
Gavroche Triumphant -
Jehan Gets Some Help -
Joly and Bossuet -
Enjolras -
Gavroche and Marius -
Muschietta -
Marius and Cosette -
Jehan 2 -
Muschietta, the Hero -
Combeferre, Doctor -
Gavroche and His Momes -
Enjolras, with Gun -

It's really hard for me to see comments there, though, so if possible leave comments here. And please comment! : D
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That title should probably read "at freaking last". I hope to get these up more often in the next few days, knock on wood.

6: The Lovers )

7: The Chariot )

8: Strength )
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Next set! Just as a reminder, the reason I link to the original card is because I often modelled my Les Mis cards around them; so if the scene looks not-quite-right-out-of-the-book/musical, that's why. ^^ If you have any questions (the symbols, the background, etc.), feel free to ask! Anyway, here are cards 3 to 5:

3: The Empress )

4: The Emperor )

5: The Hierophant )

More soon!
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At last, my Tarot Cards! These are the first three of the set:

0: The Fool )

1: The Magician )

2: The High Priestess )

More soon!
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For assistance to dechipering the Les Miserables Tarot Cards, if my drawing leaves you confused:

All of the Les Miserables Tarot cards have two symbols at the top. The one on the left is a flower in an color symbolizing and identifying the character (i.e. Gavroche is the white flower); the other is a symbol that signifies the character (i.e. Gavroche has the elephant).

List of flowers in no particular order:

Gavroche: White
Eponine: Grey
Thenardier: Black
Valjean: Red (bold)
Javert: Blue (bold)
Fantine: Pink
Cosette: Pale Blue
Marius: Green
ABCs: Tricolor

Other characters, who lack a flower or are too minor to require one, have something plant-like instead of a flower (i.e. the vine of the Hierophant).

The symbols should be self-explanatory, or at least guessable.
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Right, I forgot to post this.

Anyone remember the skipping stones comic?

Repost for those who forget )

Well, here's the epilogue!

Skipping Stones, Epilogue )
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Today, I handed in my essay. Did I start studying for the test I have on Monday? Of course not. (Actually, I had to fake an appointment to cancel something that I REALLY don't want to do this Friday and moved said thing until next Friday - damnit - but what can I do? Gotta do it eventually. On the bright side - yay! Not this weekend! Hope they're not mad at me for canceling...;_;)

So, in my fit of trying to find something, ANYTHING, to do to procrastinate, I realised I STILL hadn't put up the pictures I'd drawn - three of them, all Les Miserables themed. I colored one. Except, because the alternative was boring study, I did it slowly. Veeeeery slowly. I wonder if anyone will notice the extra work I put it, and if said extra work ruins it - there's a small amount of coloring which is good, and a large amount which is good, and anything in between is just godawful. So please, if you think I should go back to the significantly easier less-color method, tell me.

Today, I am posting the one I colored and one of the sketches of the others - I'm not sure if I should color it, as the sketch came out rather nicely.

PIC: Some Absinthe, Enjolras? )

The second one is the inevitable joke. Everyone in the Les Mis fandom has to make it eventually. I resisted the urge to draw R as a lizard, though! (bonus points to anyone who got that)

You get to see what the sketches look like before I throw color on, too. >_< Should I add color to this one?

SKETCH: Enjolras Making a Speech )

Comments? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
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Well, since people did show an interest, the Saint Just groping Robespierre disney-ish picture is here. I threw on some color to the sketch because, lacking a scanner, I had to take a photo of it - and the quality was barely visible. So I went to photoshop and added color, so now it's visible!

Saint Just gropes Robespierre

Please ignore the notes to myself and the other sketches around it - you see what I mean by bad quality, but admittedly those sketches weren't particularly good before I photographed it anyway. Also, clothing? Accuracy? Me? Only in my dreams.


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