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Huh, I don't usually post twice so quickly, particularly not when I really want a response to my previous post. (Which I do, really! It's a serious question which needs to be resolved soon! -_-;;)

But I was poking around the Les Mis fandom again, and I kept running up against what I mentally refer to as "the Joly problem".

He seems like a perfectly nice character in most respects (keeping in mind that the majority of my interaction with him is via fandom, as I'm still trudging my slow way through the book...) but there's one sticking point that I can't get over.

In short: Joly is a hypochondriac.

I have nothing against hypochondriacs, of course! The problem is precisely the opposite: I am a hypochondriac. Seriously, not humorously. And therein lies the problem. In fic, if not in canon itself, it is generally customary to play Joly's hyphochondria off as a joke. I don't mind this when done in moderation; I find it absolutely hilarious!

He has a terribly cute personality to go with it, too, which makes it even more amusing. But I haven't seen any really good fics that treat it seriously, even the ones that supposedly deal with him as a main character.

I usually say that I will not write Joly fic at all, more because I don't like writing fic until I've read the source work than any other reason but also because it would simply be too depressing for me, but I was feeling combative today.

Also, the alternative is studying, so tada! We have fic. Very short fic from Joly's POV about his hypochondria. I might be completely off on this, of course, and Joly might be completely out of character - I really hate writing characters that I haven't read the whole thing, damnit! - but I felt like posting it anyway. It's more my way of venting than anything else. ^___^ Yay for catharsis!

Apologies to all. Keeping in mind that I wrote this in about 5 minutes and am putting it up without editing or more thought than that, any thoughts?

Title: Hypochondria (Isn't Fun)
Characters: Joly
Rating: G
Summary: Joly thinks about illness.

Hypochondria (Isn't Fun) )


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