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Another day, more NaNo.

I'm currently as 3,133 words (yay me), and I may get some more out tonight (who knows? I just know what scene happens next, it's just getting it out that's the problem)

I've sort of solved my oh-gods-I-have-no-time-for-Nano problem: I write while in class. Thank god for teachers who like lecturing. And hey, they're all used to me drawing already - at least now I at least appear to be taking notes. Hopefully, history will repeat itself and I'll get some credit for the "notes" I take in class (mwhahaha)

Of course, this does have some problems with the whole learning thing, but hey! It's NaNoWriMo. If you're going to put aside educational concerns for a month, this is the month to do it in.

In other news, my birthday is coming up in less than two weeks (the 13th). Now, normally I'd ask for prezzies, but with NaNo...yeeeeeah. Doubtful. Please put requests for birthday drabbles here, and I'll write you a drabble of your long as you don't expect to, y'know, recieve it until December.
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I need a name for a Neo-ish character (but much smarter, and with more of a caustic sense of humor), and an easy-going, often smiling, completely ruthless, apparently omniscent Spymaster.

And if you have any good names for a fanatic, please, don't hesitate to mention them.

Please! Help!
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I've been Busy As Hell lately, thus the lack of posts, and I will undoubtably continue to be just as busy for the near future (November 15th is my projected "not so much work thank god!" date), but I did have to take a break to post this highly important - if suicidal - fact:

I found a NaNovel idea.

Sometime in the midst of working until I can't think, I managed to find an idea for getting me to work even more. It's the true mark of a writer that I'm happy about this.


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