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Sometimes, I swear to god, I look at the Democratic campaign and despair. Not because the Dems are morons - they are, and if they weren't the only people who even have a chance to beat the Republicans I wouldn't vote for them - not because they're being petty in their campaigning - which they are - no, nothing like that.

No, just because sometimes I just look around and think "THESE are the guys that I'm currently categorized with."

I hate Obama fangirls. I swear, I'd like the guy a lot more if there weren't people SHRIEKING every time they heard his name, "Oooh, it's Obama, isn't he wooooooonderful?" and doing their best Gollum impression every time Hillary's name comes up: "Evil, nasty Clintons! We don't likes them, no we don't, my precioussss..."

By this point, both Obama and Clinton are centrists. It's a moot point. Their ideas are the freaking SAME. I personally would prefer someone who's been in office for at least one full term - aka, not Obama - as president, and I'd prefer someone who wasn't a petty bitch - aka, not Hillary - but to be honest I just want to keep the neocons out of the White House and I'd vote for a rabid badger if the Democrats were running it as their candidates.

But do the painfully immature Obama fangirls have to make me FEEL like I'm voting for a rabid badger? I hate them all. ALL of them. Honestly, man, GROW UP.

Whatever happened to having adult conversations about stuff? Actual debates, with actual POINTS being made? What happened to real rhetoric, not just appealing to the crowd? Actual speeches discussing actual principles, rather than rallies?

...oh, wait, I live in America, where intelligence died out years ago.

One day, someone with real charisma will show up in America, and we're all going to be doomed, because no one there remembers what it's like.

EDIT: McCain, I liked you a lot better before you started appealing to the conservative base. You were tortured yourself - why are you suddenly saying that the anti-torture bill is a bad idea? *sighs* *headdesks* This is what politics do to people.


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