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Just broke 50K right now. Not done with the story - I have at least 7 more scenes, probably more, before I get to the end, and I do intend to finish the story, but 50K is done! YAY! ^__________________________^
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I'm doing the really stupid thing and attempting to do NaNo while in November aka hell month o'university, fall version. I had my big paper/presentation today (the eventual presentation was ONE HOUR FIFTEEN MINUTES LONG. My legs hurt at the end. With luck my teacher liked it, though...?) and on Monday I have a midterm, next Wed I have a major test in another class, I have another major group presentation to prep for, not to mention another major essay being assigned next week.

All this means that I'm trying to get Nano as far ahead as humanly possible, then stopping. Nov 1st and 2nd, I wrote about 8K words in an attempt to get ahead because I knew I was going to be swamped until today. This evening, I upped it to 13K. I hope to write more tonight while I'm at it, to try to get ahead for my busy weekend (I have a babysitting job on Sat, which means no writing)

Still, 13K 5 days into Nano - not too bad. At the rate I'm going, I have the barest chance of - maybe - finishing it. I still don't think I'll be able to, but I'm going to long as it doesn't impact my studies, of course. Work > Nano. I just need to remember that...


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