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This last week has been...god. So terribly bad. Not really, I suppose, if you look in retrospect, but it was damn bad while I was in the middle of it.

I had just been assigned a few huge assignments in class, I had work which I had to do because it was a favor to someone (and it was work that I tend to panic over anyway - I hate the phone like the plague), and I was starting to get sick. Not to mention the ever-lovely monthly mood-swings of doom coming on me again. So if I snapped at anyone, I'm sorry. I was, how do they say, a little bit stressed.

Now I'm REALLY sick, and I haven't done any of the assignments. But hey - at least I'm calm about it...>__<

This was caused, rather abruptly, by my Political Theory teacher yesterday trying to explain a point and deciding to quote Saint-Just to support his argument. It was very nice.

However! There is a bright point to all this sickness! Well, sort of bright. My roommate, seeing how miserable I am (and for some reason thinking that distracting me would help), brought back the movie Danton and cheerily announced that we had to watch it that night because it was due back tomorrow. Well. Having never seen any other French-Revolution-related movies before, I couldn't really bring myself to say NO...

It's an odd movie. Very odd. Odd, odd characterizations. BUT, for everyone's reading pleasure, I can bring you the commentary that arose during it. This is standard commentary on most movies my friends and I watch - I'm not sure why, but movies make us terribly hyper. -_-;; No drugs were necessary in the creation of these comments. ^^

They're not in order, as far as I can tell. Names have been eliminated to preserve the innocent. More often than not, I'm the one making the silly and/or morbid comment.

Danton commentary )

Not terribly funny - they were probably more amusing under the influence of movie, but it'll be easier for me to link to them if they're posted in one area. ^^ There was also a weird dream had shortly thereafter, but I'm still poking at it with a ten-foot-pole and not being willing to go there.
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Gods, I've been busy. Waaaaay too busy. Too busy to post here. I feel like I'm failing my LJ. that odd?

Lesse, what went on. snowed. It was lovely. Really lovely. Nice thick blizzard-y snow.
I went for a walk. Everything was so silent and perfect, and my footprints were the first ones out there. It was like taking a photograph of winter, and stepping through the world into a street where no one lived - there were lights in this or that house, but no one was there. And it was quiet. Even as I walked, and the snow blew into my eyes, my own footsteps were being erased behind me, leaving no trace of my presence. Restoring the world to it's photographic perfection, a single perfect moment forever captured in a frame.
In other words, 'twas quite nice.

Saw Narnia twice, once the day it was released, once on Christmas. I LOVED it. Possible spoilers...? Also, slight cursing, meant humorously )

All in all, a great movie.

Hmmm...I visited friends, saw some great movies - Goldeneye (for which I was conned into writing a novel-length story from the POV of a character I don't even like...I'm still only on the planning, but just the outline took six pages. *cringe*), Tombstone (yay for Doc Holliday, for he is of the unbelievably cool. Everyone should see that movie), and many, many others.

Well, I'm back, and the Silmarillion comic is progressing. I need to start worrying about the wheres and whyfores of putting it up...I've no idea how/where/etc. Suggestions, please? Pleeeeeease? Also, would anyone who knows stuff about the Silm be interested in helping me with some parts? Because there are parts that are just so absolutely depressing in their cores that it's hard to make them funny.

Also, I'm intending on posting the comic in order, as things occurred in the Silmarillion, but I think I'll post a little snippet-preview of the part where Fingon has to cut off Maedhros' hand. Just one strip, so you can see the style I'm talking about. Might be a while before I do, but would anyone be interested in seeing...?


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