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So, finally got my grades, yay! : ) And prizes! With money! *very proud - this is the first time I've ever won anything tangible for academic scholarship*

The report: A- in Criminal Law, A- in Constitutional Law, A in Intellectual Property and A+ in Property; also High Pass in Legal Writing and Pass in the Moot Court. Due to the grades I got classified as a Kent Scholar (a percentage of the class, I suspect) and won something called the Charles Bathgate Beck Prize for property (that's the one with money!)

I also got on my school's Law Review, which is awesome. Lots of work, but it'll be awesome. ^__^

Other than that, work is ongoing and nothing interesting has come up. Am debating whether to post my latest French Rev image, or wait until I have more to post. Would also like to discuss drawing ideas with someone...anyone free? Interested?
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All good resolutions of uploading images are sadly out the window. I mean, I knew November would be a tough month but wow, it's really absurd. Everything has exploded at once - I'm expected to be ready to apply for summer jobs by Dec 1 (write resume, pick jobs to apply to, meet with counselors, etc.), have outlines and study guides for all my classes for Dec 10 finals, create study guides to compare with people I've agreed to swamp guides for (but mine aren't made yet, of course), research and work on my NALSA moot court brief (due Jan 10), keep up with current reading/work in class, work on school club activities which I signed up for in the halycon days of early August, read submissions for the journal I'm on (this Tuesday was a nice short week - only 160 pages!), and - of course - I have also been advised to try to fit into this some time for "non law school" stuff lest I get short: I am swamped, swamped, well-nigh flooded with work.

...luckily the work is fun?

So, er, yes. This journal may be an even MORE dead place than normal the next few weeks, unless I start using LJ to procrastinate (which I so am right now, but I've been working since 5PM so I think I deserve the break!)

How has everyone else been doing? Anything fun? Are there any good movies coming out that I've been too underwater to see? Good books...?
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I haven't died! I've just forgotten to post here. >________>

Er. Les Mis fans should listen to this song: (*is to tired to link*) It's a song called "Ecoutez les Gavroches" and is...cute. If depressing. It's a song about Gavroches. Plural Gavroche. It's going to be at least a little heart-tugging.

Other than that, law school is going well. Got over the first test, am starting to get very busy with extracurricular stuff, still have no friends (as opposed to acquaintances, of which I have plenty)...nothing new.

Am starting to worry that everyone around me is secretly doing a lot more work than I think they are. Am currently dismissing this as paranoia. Suspicion grows nevertheless.

I should start posting silly stories from class or something. Something to put on this lone, forgotten journal.

(as soon as I have time, there will be art. Lots of art. Ranging from sketches to high-tech pieces of art. Some colored, some not; some random, some absolutely bizare; some old, some new. You can see how my art has deteriorated for lack of practice. All will be posted when there is time. Time, however, is an increasingly scarce commodity...)
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No one will care about this, but:

HAH! The US completely beat England today! Yes, it was 1-1, but given that England came in thinking it would breeze through and the US came in knees a-quaking, it's a US win. England made a quick goal in the 4th min (seriously, US, really?), but after that the US started waking up. As the game progressed, they got better and better at being where the ball was and at keeping England from their goal.

England will go down in history for the goal that happened at 40 min. The US player may have kicked the ball towards the goal, but the sheer incompetence of the goalie is what made it a score. It was IN HIS ARMS and it bounced out again. Just...ouch.

After that, England got vicious and even more aggressive than before - which is difficult, because boy, were they aggressive to start with. But they managed it. Unfortunately, coupled with some good saves by the US team (mostly last-ditch effort saves, but hey, they worked) and an increasing English inability to handle the ball properly, in the second half (while mostly in England's offense) it was the US's attempts that were dangerous and actually looked like they'd work. So yeah, US win. It's all about expectations. : )

Best of all, I made a bet with my dad that it would be 1-1 and I won. Go me!

...and yes, to those who didn't know, I am obsessively, if unskillfully, watching the World Cup. Even while on vacation. Even though I have to watch it with German commentators (I"m in Munich) instead of English ones...actually, given the quality of US sports announcers, that might not be so bad...
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Good lord, I have just had the most AWFUL day. Last few days. Bah. ;_;

Saturday, I had to go on a two-and-a-half hour walking tour in the freezing rain and sleet and they made us go through puddles and it was awful. I couldn't feel my feet for the last hour.

Today, I missed one of my classes, got barely any work done due partially to this stupid mental block I'm having on this dumb paper and partially due to no time, went on ANOTHER walking tour - this time in the freezing cold - and then to make everything worse completely forgot about a presentation that I had arranged with the teacher I had confirmed it with EARLIER THAT DAY. And he sent me a text asking where I was when I was 15 min late and I live 15 min away. And while flailing about it, my phone fell out of my hand and was smashed against the desk and now is broken and I have no phone.

And then I ran out in a panic and caught a taxi, which hit every red light on the way there and when we got there didn't have any change and I was in a rush so I ended up giving him a 3.20$ tip on a 6.80$ ride, which is absurd. And THEN I got in and the teacher was glaring at me and all the people were waiting and everyone started LEAVING in the middle of the presentation - including the teacher - and it was just awful. And then on the way home I kept stumbling into everything so now I have bruises everywhere and random pains in places I couldn't have bumped into and I'm so terribly unhappy about it all. ;_____;

And that was so completely incoherent, but I don't have the energy to go and fix it because I've used all the energy up on panic and that presentation - which I was supposed to leave early because of another appointment but after my late arrival of course I couldn't go, so I missed that - and at any rate I still have hw to do and my 9:30AM-7PM no breaks day is tomorrow.

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In Israel, alive, and FINALLY have internet! Thank god!

It's really, really, really, REALLY hot here. -_-;; As soon as we arrived, I remembered why it's a bad idea to go into the middle of the desert in August. Also? It's apparently a heatwave. Someone hates us. Famous Israeli joke: How do you know God intended his Chosen People for suffering? He gave to us as our country the one place in the Middle East with no oil!

Also, jetlag = evil. Very, very, very evil. I've gotten about 4 hours of solid sleep a night, accompanied by randomly passing out for ten minutes here, an hour there...>_<

On the bright side, saw plenty of family, got clocks (handmade by my great-uncle, I think one calls it), went to the beach (clear as glass - the Mediterranean is fun), such like that. Israel has been improving my Hebrew exponentially, too, which is nice - my mom always says that I need to go to Israel every other year or two in order to refresh my memory, because in the year in between the quality goes down. Ah, well. ^^

Um...that's all for the moment. ^^;;
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Work sucks. ;_____; So bored...

I will start showing signs of interesting life again soon, though! I've finished the Mucha!ABCs (except for Bahorel), but need to color them in; I need to restart work on the modern!FR layouts I'm doing; there's that snow scene FR thing I wanted to do; and I've writing bizarre little drabbles of fic at work. Which if I ever get over the embarrassment of posting work where someone'll see it, I may actually put up here. -_-;;

Soon. First, I will attempt to throw myself out the window out of boredom. Or rather, I would if there was a window. Anyone have any suggestions for things to do online while slowly dying of boredom? Any good books that can be read online? Any fic recs? Anything? Please? Any drawing ideas for me to do? Really, if you've ever wanted an epic comic or even just a random group of images, now is your moment. The longer I sit here, the more willing I am to do something as long as it's work. (I've even gone to my boss and asked her for more work to do. Five times. Today. If this is not a sign of desperation, nothing is.)
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I am now working. It started 9:00AM on July 15th. No, I did not enjoy that very immediate transition into waking up early. No, it doesn't even pay.

Ah, well. It's something to do and it'll keep me in the city for the summer. Also, if anyone wants to talk to me on IM? Working hours are 9-5, I'll be there. Yay for apathetic bosses.

...the city right now, by and by, is a miserable place to be. It breaks 90 regularly, not counting heat wave. In NYC, "not counting heat wave" is a very important thing. One word: asphalt. Three words: cars on asphalt. It's so painfully hot...

On a more amusing note: I have discovered that I own little to no clothing that can be defined as semi-formal. I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt, which aren't entirely apropos. So I have my one pair of non-jean pants and as this week has gone by I have used up all of my more formal t-shirts.

Today, I ran out. So I'm cleverly concealing the fact that I'm wearing a Disney t-shirt by covering it with a waistcoat. Yes, one of the waistcoats we made for the reenactment. No one has questioned me yet. For my next trick, I'll add the cravat. Then the frock coat. Let's see if anyone notices...
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Today, our guillotine was supposed to be delivered.

Unfortunately, the person who was supposed to drop it off got pulled over. The blade was confiscated.

Apparently, in our town, it's illegal to build anything that resembles a lethal weapon. Yeah, like we're going to start guillotining people with a fake, non-working guillotine made out of wood?! I suppose it doesn't help that this particular person is despised by our local police, though.

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Unfortunately, this is going to be most of what I've been thinking about/talking about for the last week or so - reenactment prep. School is over (I got an A in each class, with one teacher sending me a note saying "If the college permitted A+s, you would get one!", but that was probably because I scored a 101 on the final where the class average was 66...), and costume preparations have gone full steam ahead.

...well, sort of. Not being much of a seamstress myself, I've managed to perfect the art of delegating. I invited some people over to help me sew some costumes, and somehow the two of them have been sent back with homework to finish making 6 frock coats for me. Indeed, volunteered to do so, and have promised to finish them over the weekend. Mwahahaha. I love being a manager. Particularly of perfectionists who feel better doing it all themselves. ^^

I still have some more work to do, obviously - (waistcoat work is still mine, alas, but luckily I still have one more person who volunteered to help me out...) - but things are progressing nicely.

We're still working on getting a permit for the actual event - having weaponry in Central Park without one is probably not the smartest idea in the world, and we do have a fake pistol which will probably find itself used in various scenes. *shrugs* Well, if we can't get them to give it to us in Central Park, we'll do it in Washington Square, where our school is centered - and where they're so used to film students that you could probably walk in there with a small fully equipped army and they wouldn't bat an eyelash as long as you were also holding a camera and looked vaguely Tisch-like.

...aaaand that's life as it currently stands, I suppose. ^^
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I have a midterm, later today. I have one the day after, too. So, what is a girl to do but start drawing comics?

>__< I'll post 'em tomorrow. They're in pencil, and drawn in the course about 2 hours, and I haven't fixed them yet, and the subject is depressing. I'm going to post the pencil sketches (mostly because I don't know if I'll have time to straighten/color it in - I'm busy with these summer classes!) so, er, yeah.

Just making a note so everyone knows I'm A, alive, and B, to remind myself to actually post them tomorrow...

They're Les Miserables related. And they go boom. You'll see. ^_^
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For anyone who wants to know why I've been absent, it can be explained by the fact that the temperature outside is averaging mid-90 to 100 degrees. Today, it is expected to break 100 and stay there. The radio said it may go up to 110. Is that possible? I hope not. I have class to go to, there is no A/C in my dorm, and there is no A/C in at least one of our classrooms, either...

In a morbidly amusing note, the first class I have is in the building that was once famous for housing the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, for those of you that know your history. Yes, this is the building with no A/C. And guess what? No fire escapes, either. Talk about NOT learning the lessons of history...
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This last week has been...god. So terribly bad. Not really, I suppose, if you look in retrospect, but it was damn bad while I was in the middle of it.

I had just been assigned a few huge assignments in class, I had work which I had to do because it was a favor to someone (and it was work that I tend to panic over anyway - I hate the phone like the plague), and I was starting to get sick. Not to mention the ever-lovely monthly mood-swings of doom coming on me again. So if I snapped at anyone, I'm sorry. I was, how do they say, a little bit stressed.

Now I'm REALLY sick, and I haven't done any of the assignments. But hey - at least I'm calm about it...>__<

This was caused, rather abruptly, by my Political Theory teacher yesterday trying to explain a point and deciding to quote Saint-Just to support his argument. It was very nice.

However! There is a bright point to all this sickness! Well, sort of bright. My roommate, seeing how miserable I am (and for some reason thinking that distracting me would help), brought back the movie Danton and cheerily announced that we had to watch it that night because it was due back tomorrow. Well. Having never seen any other French-Revolution-related movies before, I couldn't really bring myself to say NO...

It's an odd movie. Very odd. Odd, odd characterizations. BUT, for everyone's reading pleasure, I can bring you the commentary that arose during it. This is standard commentary on most movies my friends and I watch - I'm not sure why, but movies make us terribly hyper. -_-;; No drugs were necessary in the creation of these comments. ^^

They're not in order, as far as I can tell. Names have been eliminated to preserve the innocent. More often than not, I'm the one making the silly and/or morbid comment.

Danton commentary )

Not terribly funny - they were probably more amusing under the influence of movie, but it'll be easier for me to link to them if they're posted in one area. ^^ There was also a weird dream had shortly thereafter, but I'm still poking at it with a ten-foot-pole and not being willing to go there.
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Moving into college is hard. Particularly when you're doing it in the summer and you just want to SLEEP...

...and the jet lag doesn't help at all, of course...
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I'm HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME! ^_^ Finally back in the right time zone! With my own bed! My own room! Actual food rather than the junk I buy in the 24-hour pizza place down the road!

...also, my arms hurt from carrying all my stuff. There's my backpack, which is a travel backpack and was stuffed to the brim with books and papers and electronic stuff; my purse, which weighs a good few pounds by itself; bag #1, which was just above the weight limit at 24kg; and bag #2 which was WAY over the weight limit at 31kg. And the violin case! (I don't play violin. It was a gift. Yes, I buy my friends violins as "I've been abroad" presents; I'm odd that way.) And there were way too many places where there was a "no trolley here" rule. Damn them all. I need more arms.

And the backpack and purse combo was so heavy that I couldn't lift my arms above a certain level the entire time I was carrying them because it would cut off the blood flow to my fingers. I do not recommend attempting to drag luggage with pins-and-needles in your fingers. The most annoying part, though, is that the weight of the luggage - which had been balanced beforehand, so I could carry one back on top of the other into the airport at London - had shifted in the flight, which meant that I could not longer do that. So I ended up dragging what was essentially a huge bag on the floor (no wheels - it was one of those huge cloth bags that look like body bags...) right next to the big more suitcase-looking piece of luggage. Pain. Much pain. I hate moving...

Oh, and I came home to the morbid discussion of "Did you hear about the triple homicide or rather the 3 decomposing bodies that they found in a house in our town? Yeah. Things haven't been this interesting since the serial rapist escaped from jail!" Ironically, I live in what is practically Pleasantville (with drugs), but yeah. Every so often, you get something like this...though of course everyone is always "OMG! That stuff NEVER happens here!", which it really doesn't.

I was amused by the fact that I knew more about it than my parents did, though. A testament to the effectiveness of our school's gossip circles - it reaches past school, and across oceans. You can never escape...
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Small update on the hw situation (mostly for my own benefit, unless someone here actually cares about how works is going - though why you would is beyond me...):

So as better to save your friends pages )
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So today I was talking with my dad. And we got to talking about family legends/truths. Cool family stories, anyway.

...and somehow the fact that we're apparently not only related to a very famous Jewish Hasidic dynasty, but are 15th-or-something-like-that in line for the position of Grand Rabbi/Rebbe, came up. Luckily, we're neither Hasidic nor interested, and yay for me I happen to be female and therefore ineligiable, but jeez, WEIRD!

Amazing what can come up in car conversations, yeah?
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So. Today was the last day of school. My last day of high school, ever.

Later today, I'm graduating.
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I'm back, and god, it's good to be home. Italy was fun, Trip babbling about Italy ) I will cease cluttering up your LJ. Thank ye for your time, and come and chat with me!
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Hello everyone! Guess where I am right now.

You probably never will, unless I've mentioned this to you before - I'm in Firenze/Florence, Italy. At an internet stop, because I am a good little internet addict and am feeding my addiction. It's just me and my friend, who is about my age, so we're essentially "on our own". Heh.

Lovely place, Italy - the flight was awful, as the pilot we had for the last leg of the journey (yes, it was a connecting flight. Twice) did not know how to fly. Just in GETTING to Firenze, we passed through Amsterdam (aka, the place with the Longest Airport Known To Man - my feet have felt better walking through all of Firenze for a full day than they did just from getting to our next gate in that place. And I'm a veteran of O'Hare in Chicago.) and Turin (yes, Olympics place. They were evil there and made us get off the place, onto a bus, through security and everything, back onto the bus, then back onto the very same plane...which they hadn't even cleaned while we were gone. So there was no point, they were just being irritating.)

Note to all of you - if travelling in Europe, never take anything that isn't carry-on. We had only carry-on here, and even so we barely made our connecting flights in time. Also, they smoke way too much here, and Firenze is v. v. pretty.

For those of you that didn't know, my school has not, in fact, let out yet - as a senior, I'm excused from all finals in which I have an A-range average. This week is finals week, so I'm generally excused - I may have to take a final in Physics on Tuesday which is the last day of finals, but I'll be finding out today whether or not I am. I really hope not - I'm missing some "exam review days" on this trip. That said, I'm not complaining, I'd rather be here.

Finally: this is a european keyboard, which lets us do some cool keystrokes: Ñ,Ë,í,á...wheee!


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