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Happy Bastille Day, everyone!

Have a fun twisting-the-universe Committee of Public Safety picture!

Technological Advances of the CSP )
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I have been COMPLETELY swamped with midterms recently, not to mention law school applications. Bah, busy busy busy. -_-;; And what time I have had has been because I have been ambushed by an unexpected social life, which confuses me greatly.

However, I just finished my 3 hours midterm today - my hand still aches - and as a result, I've been inspired to create silly things.

The first is for [ profile] maelicia, and is Robespierre, Saint-Just, and Couthon done as Hello Kitty characters. I was informed it was cute and also that I have completely failed at getting the characters right, so whatever. Here )

The second one is just for my amusement and probably to my everlasting guilt as a good French Revolution fan, but the sad thing is, it just works too well!

In short, I have rewritten the Disney song "Be Prepared" (because you KNOW villains get all the good songs, and I was listening to it anyway) into a French Revolution song. Featuring Danton and a couple of random sans-culottes. It's actually singable! And I only had to change a few lyrics!

Song )

But that's because I'm a geek.

Also, Arcane? Am working on those ponies, if you still want them.
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Happy birthday Maxime! Much love from your devoted fans. ^___^

It's customary in my family to give the birthday person in question a nice tray with all of their favorite foods, so my dorm (well, me, with my roommate's assistance and timely reminder) decided to make one in your honor.

(Also, never, ever remind me of a birthday when I'm still high on final-exam-adrenaline if you want the reaction to be within the realms of "sane" or "cheap"...)

And a close up of the pastries:


(and, on that note, back to finals! Only a few more days left...thank god...)
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Hallo, all! I finally finished the picture that's been driving me up the wall - it's not perfect and I'm still not 100% happy with it, but at this point I think there's not much I can do with it. I'll do better next time, though. ^^;

It's not a particularly COMPLICATED scene, mind you, just annoying. And that background...! It's much more complex than it looks. >_>

Hope everyone likes it! Robespierre/Saint-Just as usual, in case anyone had any doubts.

And yes, the song title is almost entirely unrelated; I just felt like being silly. ^^

In the Dark of the Night )

...comments, please...? : D?
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Um. So. Yes. These take literally five minutes to do, so I did actually do a few more. More ideas are welcome! Also, ideas for 'scenes' - I already have Marat's stabbing and such, but I'm looking for more iconic scenes to draw in a strange sort of mural-type picture of various, um, zoomorphic revolutionaries. Maybe. ^^;

Also, I couldn't pick between the Camille pictures. There are three in the picture below. Please help me pick which one works best!

Also, I misspelled Charlotte, sorry. -_-;;

And here I apologise again... )

Again...more suggestions? Anyone? Bueller? : D?
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Yes, yet another joke on Thermidorian propaganda. I promise to post the other two Vampire Hunter Rousseau pictures soon, they're more interesting. ^^;; [ profile] maelicia and I were talking about various depictions of revolutionaries in Thermidorian propaganda, and the popular description of Maxime as a cat came up.

I commented that it's a good thing no one who had read that particular story had then gone onto a career in anime, or else we'd be faced with catboy!Robespierre and other such things...

Inevitably, I actually did draw it. ^^

I think this picture deserves less of a title than an apology... )

I'm contemplating continuing this, because it takes me about two minutes to do each one. Any ideas? Snake!Marat? Something for Saint-Just? And what is Camille - some sort of pigeon???

Suggestions welcome, please. Accuracy to Thermidorian preferred for the joke value, but not required. ^__^
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Right, I forgot to post this.

Anyone remember the skipping stones comic?

Repost for those who forget )

Well, here's the epilogue!

Skipping Stones, Epilogue )
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Another of my attempts at realism. This one was done in a very piece-meal way, given my crazy schedule (all I need to do know is a 8-page paper and then start research for the 15-page, and do/catch up on all the hw! Not so bad after the mad midterm-presentation-essay dash), but I still like it. It's not perfect (goddamn mouth! Can't do lips to save my life...and don't get me started on how many times I had to do the hair! Bah, blonds), but at this point I'm poking at it and I don't think there's anything I can think of to make it better. I'm probably wrong on this point, but, ah well. I do apologize for shaggy-hair-of-doom, though - I have no idea how that happened. -_-;; So please, um, don't laugh too hard at that.

Um...yeah, I don't think there's anything else I can add about this.

Okay, there is one comment, and I can only make it because my birthday just passed: I am twenty years old; I have done badly; I will do better.

*cough* *couldn't resist* ^^

Comments, please? :D?

Saint-Just, Realistic )
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...screw it, I'll post the damn picture now. It's just about done anyway.

It's another experiment in the realistic style. I had a reference for the face, but not for the clothing - that I just did off the top of my head. Which is why it looks so bad: I forgot how to color cloth and tried to do it without looking up any tutorials or anything to remind me how it's done.

I like how the hair came out, though...but the head seems too big for the body...ah, well, to be fixed next time 'round. I did Camille because, well, I had a good reference picture that I wanted to use and I wanted to make all my mistakes when I drew him instead of when I drew any of the others...

Ignore the weird expression, it was much better done on the reference picture. >_>

Camille Desmoulins )
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Pictures from the Halloween party, if anyone is interested in seeing people dressed up as French Revolutionaries being silly. Also, though she protests it, my friend's hair really is precisely the right color for Saint-Just.

Beware, big photos - I don't know how to cut them down properly.

Pictures )
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Unfortunately, this is going to be most of what I've been thinking about/talking about for the last week or so - reenactment prep. School is over (I got an A in each class, with one teacher sending me a note saying "If the college permitted A+s, you would get one!", but that was probably because I scored a 101 on the final where the class average was 66...), and costume preparations have gone full steam ahead.

...well, sort of. Not being much of a seamstress myself, I've managed to perfect the art of delegating. I invited some people over to help me sew some costumes, and somehow the two of them have been sent back with homework to finish making 6 frock coats for me. Indeed, volunteered to do so, and have promised to finish them over the weekend. Mwahahaha. I love being a manager. Particularly of perfectionists who feel better doing it all themselves. ^^

I still have some more work to do, obviously - (waistcoat work is still mine, alas, but luckily I still have one more person who volunteered to help me out...) - but things are progressing nicely.

We're still working on getting a permit for the actual event - having weaponry in Central Park without one is probably not the smartest idea in the world, and we do have a fake pistol which will probably find itself used in various scenes. *shrugs* Well, if we can't get them to give it to us in Central Park, we'll do it in Washington Square, where our school is centered - and where they're so used to film students that you could probably walk in there with a small fully equipped army and they wouldn't bat an eyelash as long as you were also holding a camera and looked vaguely Tisch-like.

...aaaand that's life as it currently stands, I suppose. ^^
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(also posted on [ profile] revolution_fr)

As most of you know, I'm doing a reenactment of some scenes from the French Revolution with my friends in a few weeks, and I was wondering - does anyone have an English translation of Camille Desmoulins' Aux Armes speech on July 12? The "jump on a table, pull out a pistol or two, and get everyone to wear green" speech; I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. ^^

Also, I'm looking for Saint-Just's "Report on the Dantonists" (again, in English - alas, I speak no French).

Anything else you can get me in English, I'd be grateful. Preferably by Robespierre, Desmoulins, Danton, Saint-Just, Marat, etc. All is welcome; presume we know nothing. ^_^

We have a pretty willing group, so if there's anything you'd like to see people in costume performing in front of a camera in Central Park or wherever it ends up being...just ask. ^___^

Also, if anyone knows a lot about costumes of specific people and can link me to something that has really good images, that would be very helpful! It's the little details, like "What did stockings look like" and "What type of shoes?" and "What do the sleeves look like again?" that really get you...and if you can answer any of those questions, that helps. ^^

Thanks, everyone!


Jun. 21st, 2008 02:37 pm
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I took my parents' friends' daughter to her first anime convention. It wasn't bad, though I no longer have that much interest in anime. I was able to get presents for the sisters though - mostly Mario-related stuff, as my sister is currently in the throes of an obsession.

Afterwards, though...dreams.

Yes, another freaky FR-related dream. Except this one was more...odd...than normal. For one thing, it was set - as far as I could tell from the clothing - in the late Middle Ages. Certainly it was pre-Renaissance. Yes, I'm aware this doesn't work, but it was how it was!

Not very interesting dream, just weird )

...I'm confused. It was definitely Maxime, though; even if it was all terribly, terribly confused. Apparently anime cons send my brain fleeing for the comfort of excessively European knights-and-sword era? My brain making bad samurai=knights jokes? And where did the French Revolution get into this?
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Um. [ profile] maelicia and I were talking...? I have no other excuse for this.

Maximilien is so fragile... )
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This last week has been...god. So terribly bad. Not really, I suppose, if you look in retrospect, but it was damn bad while I was in the middle of it.

I had just been assigned a few huge assignments in class, I had work which I had to do because it was a favor to someone (and it was work that I tend to panic over anyway - I hate the phone like the plague), and I was starting to get sick. Not to mention the ever-lovely monthly mood-swings of doom coming on me again. So if I snapped at anyone, I'm sorry. I was, how do they say, a little bit stressed.

Now I'm REALLY sick, and I haven't done any of the assignments. But hey - at least I'm calm about it...>__<

This was caused, rather abruptly, by my Political Theory teacher yesterday trying to explain a point and deciding to quote Saint-Just to support his argument. It was very nice.

However! There is a bright point to all this sickness! Well, sort of bright. My roommate, seeing how miserable I am (and for some reason thinking that distracting me would help), brought back the movie Danton and cheerily announced that we had to watch it that night because it was due back tomorrow. Well. Having never seen any other French-Revolution-related movies before, I couldn't really bring myself to say NO...

It's an odd movie. Very odd. Odd, odd characterizations. BUT, for everyone's reading pleasure, I can bring you the commentary that arose during it. This is standard commentary on most movies my friends and I watch - I'm not sure why, but movies make us terribly hyper. -_-;; No drugs were necessary in the creation of these comments. ^^

They're not in order, as far as I can tell. Names have been eliminated to preserve the innocent. More often than not, I'm the one making the silly and/or morbid comment.

Danton commentary )

Not terribly funny - they were probably more amusing under the influence of movie, but it'll be easier for me to link to them if they're posted in one area. ^^ There was also a weird dream had shortly thereafter, but I'm still poking at it with a ten-foot-pole and not being willing to go there.
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*sigh of relief* The monster is done! Or rather, I need to go finish packing now, so I can't do any more of it. I have such a love-hate relationship with realistic pictures, even quasi-realistic ones like this one (it has the block outline of a chibi drawing, but the coloring and detail of a more realistic picture) - I really love seeing them, and trying to drawing them is fun-but-exasperating, but god I absolutely hate coloring them..! I apologise ahead of time for the horrid background. The muses insisted on having one, despite my reminder that I absolutely suck at making them. ;_; And that was also the part of it that I rushed through knowing that I'm going to be on a PLANE tomorrow. -_-;; (Also, if you hadn't know before that my abilities to draw realistically end at the waist, you'll get to find that out now. *sighs*)

Maxime looks surprisingly young. Maybe it's the relative calm of the scene...oh, and yes, they are all properly patriotic and everything. Because when in doubt, choose the obvious colors. XD

The Wedding of Saint-Just and Robespierre )
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Yes, I made a sequel. It involves the poor, overworked CSP being overrun by excessively eager deputies that want to be useful. And being as most of the CSP members have just arrived in Hell and don't entirely know how it works yet, they've been sort of handing out jobs at random.

Poor Le Bas got a strange one.

Read more... )
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I am, at last, back from my travels! Well, travels part 2, this time to Scotland. In the course of this trip, I discovered that Scotland is lovely, but a bit boring and certainly nothing to blog about, but also several other interesting facts.

1, I am an obsessive geek. This can be explained by the fact that I'm in the process of refining a S-J fic for [ profile] maelicia, and have spent about 11 hours in a library doing research on maison de corrections in ancien regime France shortly before the revolution (okay, I may have gotten temporarily distracted by the book with the list of every deputy in the Convention and their votes on various key issues...and some other lovely books and essays...but a lot of the time was devoted to the original topic at hand). More details on this point )

2, I am apparently even more like Robespierre (superficially speaking) than previously joked about...More details on this point )

3, there is a direct corollary between how much alcohol I consume and French Revolution-related dreams or daymares. As most people reading this know, I'm not particularly fond of the taste of alcohol and consume it very rarely. Have never been drunk, have no desire to be, etc. I am, however, very fond of free taste tests. I drank twice in Scotland, and had rather vivid daymares shortly afterwards each time (by daymare I mean a dream had whilst hovering between sleep and consciousness during the day - I wasn't asleep, but it wasn't just daydreaming, either).

Daymare 1 - dystopias and waiter!Maxime! )

I was sad to wake up from that one, but not NEARLY as much as I was to wake up from the next one. This one was significantly more historical, and also much, much longer. Possibly due to the greater amount of alcohol consumed the night before in comparison to the other time. Either way, I'm warning you all in advance - it's REALLY long, because my daymares when I have them are extremely vivid. And this one was a long one even for a daymare. Do keep in mind, though, that I'm really not that familiar with the French Revolution, though I intend to be, and I figure that my subconscious only knows as much as I do, so there are probably huge issues with the whole thing. I'm just reporting here. ^__^

Daymare 2 - the assassination attempt )

EDIT: Part I forgot about, but is worth recording )

...aaaaaand that's when I woke up. *still sulking about the fact that she had to wake up, because that was a really interesting daymare* *damn trains and their arrival at their destination!*

...I'm not even checking to see how long that last little explanation was.
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Well, since people did show an interest, the Saint Just groping Robespierre disney-ish picture is here. I threw on some color to the sketch because, lacking a scanner, I had to take a photo of it - and the quality was barely visible. So I went to photoshop and added color, so now it's visible!

Saint Just gropes Robespierre

Please ignore the notes to myself and the other sketches around it - you see what I mean by bad quality, but admittedly those sketches weren't particularly good before I photographed it anyway. Also, clothing? Accuracy? Me? Only in my dreams.
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