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Happy birthday Maxime! Much love from your devoted fans. ^___^

It's customary in my family to give the birthday person in question a nice tray with all of their favorite foods, so my dorm (well, me, with my roommate's assistance and timely reminder) decided to make one in your honor.

(Also, never, ever remind me of a birthday when I'm still high on final-exam-adrenaline if you want the reaction to be within the realms of "sane" or "cheap"...)

And a close up of the pastries:


(and, on that note, back to finals! Only a few more days left...thank god...)
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Hallo, all! I finally finished the picture that's been driving me up the wall - it's not perfect and I'm still not 100% happy with it, but at this point I think there's not much I can do with it. I'll do better next time, though. ^^;

It's not a particularly COMPLICATED scene, mind you, just annoying. And that background...! It's much more complex than it looks. >_>

Hope everyone likes it! Robespierre/Saint-Just as usual, in case anyone had any doubts.

And yes, the song title is almost entirely unrelated; I just felt like being silly. ^^

In the Dark of the Night )

...comments, please...? : D?
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Today, I handed in my essay. Did I start studying for the test I have on Monday? Of course not. (Actually, I had to fake an appointment to cancel something that I REALLY don't want to do this Friday and moved said thing until next Friday - damnit - but what can I do? Gotta do it eventually. On the bright side - yay! Not this weekend! Hope they're not mad at me for canceling...;_;)

So, in my fit of trying to find something, ANYTHING, to do to procrastinate, I realised I STILL hadn't put up the pictures I'd drawn - three of them, all Les Miserables themed. I colored one. Except, because the alternative was boring study, I did it slowly. Veeeeery slowly. I wonder if anyone will notice the extra work I put it, and if said extra work ruins it - there's a small amount of coloring which is good, and a large amount which is good, and anything in between is just godawful. So please, if you think I should go back to the significantly easier less-color method, tell me.

Today, I am posting the one I colored and one of the sketches of the others - I'm not sure if I should color it, as the sketch came out rather nicely.

PIC: Some Absinthe, Enjolras? )

The second one is the inevitable joke. Everyone in the Les Mis fandom has to make it eventually. I resisted the urge to draw R as a lizard, though! (bonus points to anyone who got that)

You get to see what the sketches look like before I throw color on, too. >_< Should I add color to this one?

SKETCH: Enjolras Making a Speech )

Comments? Pretty please with a cherry on top?


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