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The Sandman has apparently stopped to rest for a bit in my dorm, possibly due to the fact that everyone here is stressing over midterms. Thus: strange dreams

My two most recent dreams were thus:
- an aged Peter Pan living in London decides to sell his Neverland property in Faerie. I was his assistant and we were supposed to show the real estate agent's daughter (both of whom wanted to cheat Peter out of his land for a much cheaper price than it deserved) around. We flew on a bench to Faerie, then took the Neverland Express to the edge of the forest bridge. The Faeries are apparently dopplegangers, and they want to merge with their "real" doubles and therefore gain power - possibly explaining how Peter is so powerful. We were just crossing the forest bridge and meeting the Wild Boys when the land-whale leapt down, but the Wild Boys killed it before escorting us onward...

-Lumiere, from Beauty and the Beast, is actually an incarnate form of Hades and the French duster is Persephone. They were trying to retrieve the stuff that had been looted in the Kill the Beast scene. Some of the stuff had apparently been looted by Madeline (as in, the one who lived in the house with the ivy and the little girls all in a row?), which made reclamation rather awkward...

And my roommate had a dream of particular interest, namely that the French Revolutionaries had met Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, et all. Danton and Lenin hit it off surprisingly well, albeit with many insults exhanged in the process, Robespierre and Marx didn't agree at all, and everyone on the French Revolution side agreed that Trotsky was just really annoying. Perhaps not quite as objectionable in opinions, but really irritating. Stalin and Saint-Just got into a fist fight.

I'm recommending she cut down on doing French Revolution homework the same night that she does her Socialist Theory homework. Though it may be a loss to the amusement of the world if she does. Personally, I'm cutting back on the Disney songs that I listen to...
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This was probably inspired by [ profile] maelicia's fic on the Dantonists, as it concerns them. It was very kept switching between story-format and movie-format. T'was very nice, though! ^_^

I wrote it in story-format - it's still a description of a dream, though, so it's not edited, not even reviewed once. Complete stream-of-conciousness rendition of the dream. It just seemed more apropos to write it like I would if it were a story. ^^

Um. It's obviously very, very AU.

Another FR Dream )

And that's when I woke up. Annoying, isn't it? *sigh*

Weird dreams..!


Jun. 21st, 2008 02:37 pm
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I took my parents' friends' daughter to her first anime convention. It wasn't bad, though I no longer have that much interest in anime. I was able to get presents for the sisters though - mostly Mario-related stuff, as my sister is currently in the throes of an obsession.

Afterwards, though...dreams.

Yes, another freaky FR-related dream. Except this one was more...odd...than normal. For one thing, it was set - as far as I could tell from the clothing - in the late Middle Ages. Certainly it was pre-Renaissance. Yes, I'm aware this doesn't work, but it was how it was!

Not very interesting dream, just weird )

...I'm confused. It was definitely Maxime, though; even if it was all terribly, terribly confused. Apparently anime cons send my brain fleeing for the comfort of excessively European knights-and-sword era? My brain making bad samurai=knights jokes? And where did the French Revolution get into this?
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Bizarre dream. For some reason I was watching a bad Thermidorian propaganda movie (but not actually one in existence) and generally laughing at it because it was doing their cause more harm than good by how over-the-top bad it was. Then there was a part in which Desmoulins was attempting to get Maxime a credit card and it all got confusing from that point on.

Apparently, my brain believes that the ultimate Thermidorian propaganda involves people attempting to get loans approved from the bank. Featured a comment regarding how difficult it is to get loans when credit is tight and there's a recession, particularly also when the stupid Austrians are invading.

...I have no idea what my subconcious is telling me here, other than "watch your finances" and "Wheeee! French Revolution!" ;_;???

In other news, I feel ill. >_
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Yesterday sucked. Mood swings, random sleepiness...*sigh* But I did have an interesting dream. It started off as a Paris riot. Then you looked closer and realised that it was a riot-carnival. As in, half the people there were rioting, half of them were there for the carnival. And they switched between the two groups very quickly.

As in, upon entering, you recieved a musket or a protest sign and also candyfloss and a stack of tickets for the various rides. And Maxime and Saint-Just were riding the carousel, except Saint-Just got off and wandered over to the dunking booth - you know, where someone is sitting on a seat and you buy a few balls and you try to hit the target? That sort. And Camille Desmoulins had just changed with whoever was last there and was perched there looking amused. Saint-Just was walking by and he noticed, then went over. They stared at each other for a few minutes, and then Saint-Just bought about twenty turns...

It was just...weird.

I promise to post something more interesting here as soon as I'm all better. ^^
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I am, at last, back from my travels! Well, travels part 2, this time to Scotland. In the course of this trip, I discovered that Scotland is lovely, but a bit boring and certainly nothing to blog about, but also several other interesting facts.

1, I am an obsessive geek. This can be explained by the fact that I'm in the process of refining a S-J fic for [ profile] maelicia, and have spent about 11 hours in a library doing research on maison de corrections in ancien regime France shortly before the revolution (okay, I may have gotten temporarily distracted by the book with the list of every deputy in the Convention and their votes on various key issues...and some other lovely books and essays...but a lot of the time was devoted to the original topic at hand). More details on this point )

2, I am apparently even more like Robespierre (superficially speaking) than previously joked about...More details on this point )

3, there is a direct corollary between how much alcohol I consume and French Revolution-related dreams or daymares. As most people reading this know, I'm not particularly fond of the taste of alcohol and consume it very rarely. Have never been drunk, have no desire to be, etc. I am, however, very fond of free taste tests. I drank twice in Scotland, and had rather vivid daymares shortly afterwards each time (by daymare I mean a dream had whilst hovering between sleep and consciousness during the day - I wasn't asleep, but it wasn't just daydreaming, either).

Daymare 1 - dystopias and waiter!Maxime! )

I was sad to wake up from that one, but not NEARLY as much as I was to wake up from the next one. This one was significantly more historical, and also much, much longer. Possibly due to the greater amount of alcohol consumed the night before in comparison to the other time. Either way, I'm warning you all in advance - it's REALLY long, because my daymares when I have them are extremely vivid. And this one was a long one even for a daymare. Do keep in mind, though, that I'm really not that familiar with the French Revolution, though I intend to be, and I figure that my subconscious only knows as much as I do, so there are probably huge issues with the whole thing. I'm just reporting here. ^__^

Daymare 2 - the assassination attempt )

EDIT: Part I forgot about, but is worth recording )

...aaaaaand that's when I woke up. *still sulking about the fact that she had to wake up, because that was a really interesting daymare* *damn trains and their arrival at their destination!*

...I'm not even checking to see how long that last little explanation was.


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