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Right, I forgot to post this.

Anyone remember the skipping stones comic?

Repost for those who forget )

Well, here's the epilogue!

Skipping Stones, Epilogue )
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>_< Well, I have the other pictures. But, um, they suck. Badly. I apologise for them.

Skipping Stones (the bad one) )

Skipping Stones comic - the decent one )
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Um. [ profile] maelicia and I were talking...? I have no other excuse for this.

Maximilien is so fragile... )
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These are really just sketches - hasty sketches, to make it worse. Done in a little less than 2 hours, while drawing on the back of a notebook, no less. And let's not get started on the fact that this was "scanned" via digital camera photo... >_< It'll turn better once I get it onto photoshop for a few hours, I promise. It's mostly an exercise in "Is my roommate done already? Hmm, I wonder if I can do an action sequence..."

But if anyone is curious as to some random sketching of mine - and doesn't mind waiting for all the rather large pictures to load - you can see it here.

Enjolras at the Barricades )
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Yes, I made a sequel. It involves the poor, overworked CSP being overrun by excessively eager deputies that want to be useful. And being as most of the CSP members have just arrived in Hell and don't entirely know how it works yet, they've been sort of handing out jobs at random.

Poor Le Bas got a strange one.

Read more... )
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I figured I should quickly finish and post the crack!picture and comics that I keep mentioning before people start expecting something significantly funnier/more intelligent/original than what I've actually produced. ^___^

Also, important note: in the first, and ONLY the first picture, please read the comments from right to left! You read from top to bottom as usual, but PLEASE! RIGHT TO LEFT! The rest - the comics - can be read as normal!

It's not actually that important, but it's funnier that way, and it's the way I meant it. I didn't realise that people would start reading at the wrong end until I was nearly done...oops. ^^ Please keep that in mind.

Also note that the comics are more vehicles for the joke than works of art. In other words, very hastily drawn, please forgive. ^_^

Click here for CSP crack )

If you were wondering, it is based on this thread, here:
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Just posting this really fast because I have a test and an essay to prepare tomorrow and I know nothing. *flails and runs around like a headless chicken*

On that note, I apologise for it in general. It's not nearly as funny as the last one, mostly due to the little amount of sleep/time/etc that went into it. And Saint-Just is a much worse (and more talkative) model than Maxime is. *roll eyes*

Also: warning for very mild bad language, very bad movie references, and general incoherence.

Lies and Slander Part 2: Saint-Just )
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In further evidence that I procrastinate way too much, I present a small comic which has demanded the pretentious title of "The Many Lies and Slander Regularly Attached to One Maximilien Robespierre".

Mmmm...let's see, preliminary comments...well, please forgive the horrible attempt to write in cursive with a mouse, for one thing. For another, I'm willing to make more of these, so if anyone has ideas for more slander (and I'm sure there's plenty), please, share! Of course, it may be amusing only to me, but at least I found it amusing to draw. ^_^

The Many Lies and Slander Regularly Attached to One Maximilien Robespierre )
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The last group! The monster is finished! (Thank god/gods/whatever!) ^^

Strip 25 )

Strip 26 )

Strip 27 )

Strip 28 )
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Second to last group of strips, so stay tuned!

Strip 23 )

Strip 24 )
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Wow, we're progressing quickly. ^^ This set of strips contains my favorite strip of all of the ones I drew.

Strip 20 )

Strip 21 )

Strip 22 )
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Another three part one. Beware of chibi!sex...or at least chibi!handjobs...

Strip 17 )

Strip 18 )

Strip 19 )
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There's a lot to go...but hey, as long as I keep getting at least one comment per post, I'll post 'em. I've never claimed to be less than perfectly easy. *cackles*

Strip 15 )

Strip 16 )
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You get three this time. ^^ And also, for those of you keeping an eye out for it, this set of strips marks the grandiose (or not) return of chibi!penis. Apologies for all of you who WEREN'T titillated by it. I also apologise for using the word "titillate" whilst talking about a vulgar joke. I couldn't resist.

Strip 12 )

Strip 13 )

Strip 14 )
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Next bit! Don't forget, comments all around, please. ^___^

Strip 10 )

Strip 11 )
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I hope I missed the strike - wouldn't want to post on that day, after all, but I think it's done - it was Friday. Anyway, back here for today, and I come with comics! Well, the next batch. This is a bit of an in-between section - after this it gets fun.

Sorry for the long wait!

Strip 8 )

Strip 9 )
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This'll be the last for the night, because it's a good place to stop. The rest will - hopefully - be posted tomorrow. The friends are coming, so it's a bit iffy, but definitely over the next day or two.

Comic 5 )

Comic 6 )

Comic 7 )
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Part 2&3! ^^ (sadly, I may not be able to post them all today - I need sleep, and tomorrow my friends are coming...very very early. I'll post up to a point, I suppose)

Comic 3 )
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The first two strips of my little opus! The style changes here and there as it progresses, but eh, it's a comic. That's what they do.

And yes, just like in the fic, they're in bed by the second paragraph/strip, so be prepared for naked chibis!

Comic 1 )

Comic 2 )
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Right, I have returned! With pictures! And comics!

...okay, the comics, I'm just telling everyone, are on crack. I have no idea what I was thinking when I drew them. They involve movie quotes, Enjolras and Grantaire, and plushies.


This is a case of here, look at it, then I can hide it where it will never be seen again...drawn VERY quickly because there was so much to get through; thus the bad quality. Sorry.

The Plushies d'ABC )

The Plushies d'ABC Comic Pt 1 )

The Plushies d'ABC Comic Pt 2 )


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