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I am, at last, back from my travels! Well, travels part 2, this time to Scotland. In the course of this trip, I discovered that Scotland is lovely, but a bit boring and certainly nothing to blog about, but also several other interesting facts.

1, I am an obsessive geek. This can be explained by the fact that I'm in the process of refining a S-J fic for [ profile] maelicia, and have spent about 11 hours in a library doing research on maison de corrections in ancien regime France shortly before the revolution (okay, I may have gotten temporarily distracted by the book with the list of every deputy in the Convention and their votes on various key issues...and some other lovely books and essays...but a lot of the time was devoted to the original topic at hand). More details on this point )

2, I am apparently even more like Robespierre (superficially speaking) than previously joked about...More details on this point )

3, there is a direct corollary between how much alcohol I consume and French Revolution-related dreams or daymares. As most people reading this know, I'm not particularly fond of the taste of alcohol and consume it very rarely. Have never been drunk, have no desire to be, etc. I am, however, very fond of free taste tests. I drank twice in Scotland, and had rather vivid daymares shortly afterwards each time (by daymare I mean a dream had whilst hovering between sleep and consciousness during the day - I wasn't asleep, but it wasn't just daydreaming, either).

Daymare 1 - dystopias and waiter!Maxime! )

I was sad to wake up from that one, but not NEARLY as much as I was to wake up from the next one. This one was significantly more historical, and also much, much longer. Possibly due to the greater amount of alcohol consumed the night before in comparison to the other time. Either way, I'm warning you all in advance - it's REALLY long, because my daymares when I have them are extremely vivid. And this one was a long one even for a daymare. Do keep in mind, though, that I'm really not that familiar with the French Revolution, though I intend to be, and I figure that my subconscious only knows as much as I do, so there are probably huge issues with the whole thing. I'm just reporting here. ^__^

Daymare 2 - the assassination attempt )

EDIT: Part I forgot about, but is worth recording )

...aaaaaand that's when I woke up. *still sulking about the fact that she had to wake up, because that was a really interesting daymare* *damn trains and their arrival at their destination!*

...I'm not even checking to see how long that last little explanation was.


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