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I have intended on doing so many things this week - going online, talking to people, posting more cards. Instead, I remain sick as a dog, and things like "thinking" and "doing things" seem outside of my reach. I'm even talking like Joly.

I hope this changes soon. When it does, I will be online more often. Promise. -________-;
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- and the Republican Party of the US has really reached a point that I'm not entirely sure how even ideologically sympathetic conservatives can defend it with any honesty, provided they make reference to the reality we live in, not one of their own.

In short, look at this, it's awesome:

Otherwise known as the classic Cicero technique of "who needs a good opening argument when you have TONS OF DAMNING EVIDENCE" : D

(P.S: I hope to put up more Tarot cards tonight, if my midterm doesn't kill me first)
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That title should probably read "at freaking last". I hope to get these up more often in the next few days, knock on wood.

6: The Lovers )

7: The Chariot )

8: Strength )
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Power has returned! ^___________^

As my friendslist may or may not know, power has been out where I live (northern NJ) since Saturday. But it's back! They finally fixed my town!

(in related news, I will be trying, though likely not succeeding at catching-up on friendslist stuff, and posting more tarot cards which have been terribly delayed)

NOTE: Just as a general warning to everyone: please, feel free to link me to things I've missed that you think are important, but I'm in a bit of a bad mood - power back is great and all, but not having power/heat/etc for the whole family AND having a midterm next Wed is somewhat stress-inducing - so link with caution. Beware of the grouch. ^_^;;
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Today, there was midterm. It was not a good midterm. No one in the class finished - or at least no one near me - and when the teacher announced 5 min to end, 180 throats made 180 strangled noises. There were two essay questions (40 points each), 4 definitions (5 points each), no curve. Each of the essay questions required us to summarize (with references to specific examples and critical analysis) basically a month's worth of class. Each. Each question had 6 different points, each of which had to be addressed in depth, and then after the 6 points there were a couple of "extra" points that we should weave in throughout the essay. EACH essay. I so completely didn't finish, it's not even funny.

I think this is the first midterm I didn't finish for all of college, and it's senior year second semester for me right now. ;_; Oi. Oiiiiii.

I'm not upset about it, mind you - I have a policy of stressing madly BEFORE exams and then afterwords of "who cares? I can't change it now" - but yeeeeeeeeesh! That was MISERABLE!


In other news, I saw Alice in Wonderland a few days back and - due to midterm - can only write about it now. It was...disappointing. I mean, I went in there really, really hoping for it to be good, because I LOVE Alice in Wonderland, and it looked interesting, wasn't. I mean, it wasn't...bad, I guess. The beginning was GREAT, the ending was TERRIBLE (see the title of this post which will be explained under LJ-cut - if you're desperately curious, skip to the last paragraph, titled "Ending").

Out of all of Tim Burton's movies, the one this most reminded me of was Corpse Bride. Because in both they had a good idea, some good imagery (not great imagery, good imagery), and a terrible execution, particularly in terms of plot and composition.

And now for spoilers... )

*looks up* It's a long rant, but damnit, I hate it when directors decide to make their main characters start genocides/massacres/colonialism and conveniently hope that no one in the audience has learned basic history enough to figure it out.
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Have been drowning in work. More tarot cards soon. -___-
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Next set! Just as a reminder, the reason I link to the original card is because I often modelled my Les Mis cards around them; so if the scene looks not-quite-right-out-of-the-book/musical, that's why. ^^ If you have any questions (the symbols, the background, etc.), feel free to ask! Anyway, here are cards 3 to 5:

3: The Empress )

4: The Emperor )

5: The Hierophant )

More soon!
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Um, friendslist? If you are members of any Les Miserables groups, can you do me a favor and post links to the tarot cards on them for me? Because I don't think I'm part of any active Les Miserables communities, and at the moment I'm absolutely too exhausted (not to mention my friendslist is too full already, bah) to do it myself.


Sorry for asking. I will try to join more groups soon. -________-
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At last, my Tarot Cards! These are the first three of the set:

0: The Fool )

1: The Magician )

2: The High Priestess )

More soon!
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For assistance to dechipering the Les Miserables Tarot Cards, if my drawing leaves you confused:

All of the Les Miserables Tarot cards have two symbols at the top. The one on the left is a flower in an color symbolizing and identifying the character (i.e. Gavroche is the white flower); the other is a symbol that signifies the character (i.e. Gavroche has the elephant).

List of flowers in no particular order:

Gavroche: White
Eponine: Grey
Thenardier: Black
Valjean: Red (bold)
Javert: Blue (bold)
Fantine: Pink
Cosette: Pale Blue
Marius: Green
ABCs: Tricolor

Other characters, who lack a flower or are too minor to require one, have something plant-like instead of a flower (i.e. the vine of the Hierophant).

The symbols should be self-explanatory, or at least guessable.
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...well, the major arcana, anyway. But the minor will be easier (I hope). After much work, even more procrastination, and a stubborn refusal to do art on anything else until this goddamn thing is done, I'm finally DONE with them!



Now I need to figure out what's the most convienent way to post them - one at a time? Three at a time? - because they're not all fitting on a single page here. Anyone have any preference? (There's no sketches this time 'round, so it's just one pic each) Also, I need some links to Les Mis communities/websites/whatever to post these on, because goddamnit these took forever. Friendslist? Anyone? Bueller?
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First day of classes report:

1, was not able to get into the class I wanted, much woe; tomorrow I will try for another.

2, I hate that all my classes are in the evening. I have BETTER THINGS TO DO in the evening. Such as not being too exhausted to do anything. -_-;

3, International Law is not a bad class - looks challenging, but still interesting.

4, I then went to the Worst Class Ever (am not signed up for it, THANK GOD, just was interesting). The class started by the teacher having an obvious Nazi fetish, an interest in sexuality that he wanted to share with the class (not limited to but including de Sade, Sader Masoch, etc.) to the point of assigning their works to the class, a clear belief that history can only be understood by psychoanalysis, a creepy happy light that came into his eyes whenever he spoke of the destruction of the old and the creation of a "new" type of human being (including but again not limited to eugenics, the Nazi program, the Soviet program, and a really creepy and bizarre view of the French Revolutionary Terror) and ended with him showing us a movie in which a man was turned into a vagina.

Do. Not. Want.

5, am exhausted now. >___> Bah.
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I got in to law school! ^___________^

Specifically, NYU Law, which sent me a (remarkably quick) acceptance letter. I have something to do next fall! *celebrate*
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Am not dead.

Very sorry for not being online nor posting nor in fact doing anything to give signals that I live. You probably wouldn't want to talk to me now as it is.

Will return to internet as soon as humanly possible; though this means nothing about posting, I will at least start trying to comment on posts when I get time to read back through the old LJ friendspage...
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My laptop's hard drive was getting full, so I got a new external hard drive as a present and just now had time to try to transfer it over. About halfway through the transfer process, it crashed and announced that everything on the now well-filled external hard-drive

There was much panic.

There was the suggestion that we look to the back-up made a month ago to recover at least some of the data.

We looked for the back-ups.

The back-ups were missing.

More panic ensued.

Old dusty extra harddrives were taken out of the closet.

First one turned up nothing.

Second one had the back-up.

Much relief.

At that point the new hard-drive announced it had some life yet in it.

...god I hate technology
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This I have done recently that people may want to see:

The present for Peter - Silmarillion-themed rock-out between Feanor and Gothmog, with Morgoth watching on: Feanor vs. Gothmog

I'm rather proud of that one. This one is more unfinished than not, so expect it to be updated soon with a fixed version, but, based on [ profile] maelicia's crack-fic, the
CSP Holiday Party

And lastly, a set of Vampire Chronicles pictures, set to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and going more-or-less chronologically through the series, can be found here, along with the modified song

Happy holidays, all.
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My essay is, shall we say, not progressing. -______-;; Bah, mental blocks = bad timing. Not during finals weeks, goddamnit!

On the other hand, as per usual, whenever I'm experiencing stressful pressure to do one thing, I am bursting with creativity for other things. First on the list, one of my friends has a birthday coming up and I'm intending on giving him a gift this evening - once he sees it, then all of you can (aka - it will be posted later today).

Almost all my applications are in, except for one which needs a scholarship essay which is killing me, but what can you do? Almost done, almost done, goddamn I want to be dooooone...!

All is well otherwise, though!
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Good lord, I have just had the most AWFUL day. Last few days. Bah. ;_;

Saturday, I had to go on a two-and-a-half hour walking tour in the freezing rain and sleet and they made us go through puddles and it was awful. I couldn't feel my feet for the last hour.

Today, I missed one of my classes, got barely any work done due partially to this stupid mental block I'm having on this dumb paper and partially due to no time, went on ANOTHER walking tour - this time in the freezing cold - and then to make everything worse completely forgot about a presentation that I had arranged with the teacher I had confirmed it with EARLIER THAT DAY. And he sent me a text asking where I was when I was 15 min late and I live 15 min away. And while flailing about it, my phone fell out of my hand and was smashed against the desk and now is broken and I have no phone.

And then I ran out in a panic and caught a taxi, which hit every red light on the way there and when we got there didn't have any change and I was in a rush so I ended up giving him a 3.20$ tip on a 6.80$ ride, which is absurd. And THEN I got in and the teacher was glaring at me and all the people were waiting and everyone started LEAVING in the middle of the presentation - including the teacher - and it was just awful. And then on the way home I kept stumbling into everything so now I have bruises everywhere and random pains in places I couldn't have bumped into and I'm so terribly unhappy about it all. ;_____;

And that was so completely incoherent, but I don't have the energy to go and fix it because I've used all the energy up on panic and that presentation - which I was supposed to leave early because of another appointment but after my late arrival of course I couldn't go, so I missed that - and at any rate I still have hw to do and my 9:30AM-7PM no breaks day is tomorrow.

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My internet is not working. ;_; Am on a different computer, but must leave soon.



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