Nov. 17th, 2010

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All good resolutions of uploading images are sadly out the window. I mean, I knew November would be a tough month but wow, it's really absurd. Everything has exploded at once - I'm expected to be ready to apply for summer jobs by Dec 1 (write resume, pick jobs to apply to, meet with counselors, etc.), have outlines and study guides for all my classes for Dec 10 finals, create study guides to compare with people I've agreed to swamp guides for (but mine aren't made yet, of course), research and work on my NALSA moot court brief (due Jan 10), keep up with current reading/work in class, work on school club activities which I signed up for in the halycon days of early August, read submissions for the journal I'm on (this Tuesday was a nice short week - only 160 pages!), and - of course - I have also been advised to try to fit into this some time for "non law school" stuff lest I get short: I am swamped, swamped, well-nigh flooded with work.

...luckily the work is fun?

So, er, yes. This journal may be an even MORE dead place than normal the next few weeks, unless I start using LJ to procrastinate (which I so am right now, but I've been working since 5PM so I think I deserve the break!)

How has everyone else been doing? Anything fun? Are there any good movies coming out that I've been too underwater to see? Good books...?


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