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*crawl back* Yeah, posting has gone from "rare" to "more or less nonexistant" and I don't even have law school to blame this time. Just two legal internship jobs, sigh. I'm not going to say that I intend to post more, because I have said that before, but I'll post when stuff happens.

I have almost, but not all of my grades back; I'll post them (and squee about them - some were very good!) when I have them all and not a minute before. ^^; However! I did well enough that I got an offer to TA in one of my classes next year! *cheer* I haven't accepted yet, but I probably will - TAing! Awesomeness! (For those that are unaware of my hazy career plan atm, it's to sneak into academia via law school, so hopefully this will give me an idea of if that plan is actually worth doing :D!!! )

My two jobs (yes, I have two. Both are technically full-time, which obviously means I'm doing them both part-time. No, I'm not getting paid for either. Yes, I am crazy and doing this because they both sounded so interesting that I couldn't just pick one.) are going pretty well - I'm reading more books on human trafficking than I probably ever wanted to, and researching all sorts of weird, varied things (though not nearly enough of it is actually law-related, alas), so if anyone wants to know about 1, child sex exploitation/human trafficking/modern day slavery or 2, violations of international law by terrorist organizations, just ask. Not that most of my f-list (if you're even reading this) wants to know about that, as it is Very Depressing.

Am looking forward to finally having some time to do non-school/work related stuff - probably when the EIP sign-up in July finish up. Plans thus far: art (new FR picture, coming soon, just need to fiddle with some minor details), historical costuming (mwahahaha), and working on the French Rev website that I'm working on with citoyenneclark. I will be recruiting people for this. ^___^

That's all for now. More soon.

Date: 2011-06-25 12:30 pm (UTC)
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Eee, congratulations. :D

And that seems really excruciating to spend time studying, but I hope it's fulfilling?


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